Top 10 Rock Related Movies


Top 10 Rock Related Movies

If you're anything like me, then you're constantly looking for a fresh movie that has some good ROCK, a decent script and a cast that can act. This would immediately drop my favorites ...KISS , with KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park, a movie better left for a list of what not to have in your collection, sorry GENE SIMMONS, but you created that monster.

After the perusal of several internet articles referring to Movies influenced by the Rock Genre, I have only met with constant disappointment.

So here is the list of lists, THE TOP 10 ROCK RELATED MOVIES

that are not a documentary, contain some decent form of story line, and most important, bring home really good music in the true spirit of ROCK.

#10 - Rainbow Bridge

This movie did not have a script, which comes through very clearly as you view it. The first time I watched this I actually switched it off half way through. Why is it on my list then? It was the second sitting that blew me away.

Slowly, very slowly, we follow the journey and visit of Pat Hartley to the RAINBOW BRIDGE meditation cult in Maui, getting introduced to many of the subjects and influences encompassed in the 70's "new generation" or "hippie" circles of life.

Just when all of this starts getting a bit too much, in walks JIMI HENDRIX to save the day. With a bottle of jack in his hand, you get a brief insight into the mind of our beloved JIM. He then goes on to play a free concert to a couple of hundred hippies with his reformed band Jimi Hendrix Experience. This just brings the movie together and gives it completeness, squeezing it into my Top 10.

What makes this movie invaluable to me was that JIMI HENDRIX sadly passed away two months after the making of this film.


#9 - Crossroads

At first I thought The Karate Kid plays guitar, strum up, strum down... but you soon accept Ralph George Macchio in this role, as both the acting and the music, Rock.

Eugene Martone (Ralph Macchio) studies classical guitar, although the Blues fascinates him.. On his hunt for the missing 30 th song, that legend has Robert Johnson wrote but never recorded, Eugene meets up with Blues maestro Willie Brown (the late JOE SENACA). Willie promises to teach Eugene the song if he will help him escape the controlled living facility and get him back to the Mississippi. Their journey takes them to the CROSSROADS where Willie confesses about his deal with the devil which was to master playing the Blues in trade for his soul.

Speak of the devil and he appears, challenging Eugene to a duel between his very own guitarist Jack Butler (STEVIE VAI)and Eugene, in exchange for the return of Willie's soul. Jack proves a tough opponent, but Eugene pulls out some of his classical knowledge.

STEVIE VAI's guitar solo alone is impressive enough to place this movie at nr 9 on my list.

#8 - The Doors

This is a biographical film on JIM MORRISON and THE DOORS, which clearly emphasises the most crucial and life changing marks in Jim's life. A man obsessed with death and the dark side.

Directed by Oliver Stone and including Val Kilmer as JIM MORRISON and Meg Ryan as Pamela Courson the girlfriend. Although a lot of the scenes where over dramatised and not 100% true to life, Stone did a good job of getting the complete essence of THE DOORS and the 60"s Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll across to the viewer, while at the same time keeping it real. We get to hear some original DOORS soundtracks along with some mixes including Val Kilmers voice.

This is a definite must for your ROCK MOVIE library.

#7 - Pirate Radio (aka The Boat That Rocked)

Originally called THE BOAT THAT ROCKED, this was a box office failure on both sides of the Atlantic although I thoroughly enjoyed it? Perhaps this is due largely to my fascination with Radio and disc jockeys.

A Scene set in the 60's on a ship in the North Sea with PIRATE RADIO station, RADIO ROCK, broadcasting rock to the United Kingdom. We follow the lives of the disc jockeys, which include among others Philip Seymour Hoffman, as they rock the UK. Meanwhile, back at home, the powers that be try to shut them down.

The choice of rock & roll classics combined with some wicked comedy make this a most enjoyable movie.

#6 - Hedwig And The Angry Inch

This movie had me from the beginning! We see transgender East German singer Hansel Schmidt (John Cameron Mitchell) move to America after a botched sex change operation that leaves him with a mound of flesh between his legs. She now transforms into HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH.

She befriends and falls in love with shy Tommy Speck (Michael Pitt) and renames him Tommy Gnosis. Tommy leaves her, but not before he steals a song, written by HEDWIG for him. Tommy Gnosis goes on to become a famous Rock Star.

My highlight in the movie is the song The Origin of Love, the story of how male and female where once one entity and Angry Gods split them in two, leaving both forever wanting each other. Wicked song.

#5 -The Rocky Horror Picture Show

What can I say about this movie that you don't already know? I'm sure we have all seen it over and over. If you havent....WHY THE HELL NOT???

This is the story of Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick), Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon) and their strange encounters with transvestite aliens. They find themselves lost with a flat tire on a dark stormy night. Being left with no option but to go seek help, which they find ...or do they?

Their evening takes them into Dr. Frank-N-Furter's (Tim Curry) Lab where he is about to breathe life into his creation, The perfect Man. They meet up with their old high school science teacher Dr. Everett Scott who is searching for his nephew Eddie (MEATLOAF). Unbeknown to him Frank has used half Eddies brain for his new creation Rocky.

THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW is the Cult Movie of Cult Movies and absolutely deserves a place in the TOP 5

#4 - Walk Hard (The Dewy Cox Story)

Hilarious, hilarious, hilarious.......WALK HARD - THE DEWY COX STORY is a parody on the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line.

Dewey Cox (John C. Reilly), who is largely based on Cash, is also fused with traits from the persona's of GLEN CAMPBELL, NEIL DIAMOND, ROY ORBISON, JAMES BROWN, DONAVAN, JERRY LEE LEWIS, BRIAN WILSON, BOB DYLAN, RAY CHARLES, JOHN LENNON and JIM MORRISON.

Besides spoofing artists like ELVIS PRESLEY, THE FOUR BEATLES, THE BIG BOPPER and BUDDY HOLLY, some artists, including the likes of EDDIE VEDDER, THE TEMPTATIONS, JACKSON BROWNE, JEWEL, LYLE LOVETT and GHOSTFACE KILLAH, play themselves. Music styles from DAVID BOWIE, BOB DYLAN and the punk rock movement of the 70's are also blended into the soundtrack.

#3 - This Is Spinal Tap

THIS IS SPINAL TAP, a rock mockumentary about a fictional band and their lives of Sex, Drugs and Heavy Metal.

The band members David St. Hubbins (Michael McKean) , Derek Smalls (Harry Shearerand) and Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) go on a tour of the United States to promote their new album, Smell the Glove. To begin with, the album is largely being refused by retailers for its sexist cover. Concert ticket sales are low, bringing in major cancellations and St. Hubbins ' girlfriend Jeanine (June Chadwick) joins them unexpectedly on tour, aggravating the situation.

If it was not so hilariously ridiculously stupid, you would really believe that


#2 - Rock Star

Based largely on the true life of TIM "RIPPER" OWENS , who was the singer in a JUDAS PRIEST tribute band and chosen to replace ROB HALFORD in the genuine JUDAS PRIEST.

Chris Cole (Mark Wahlberg) is lead singer in a STEEL DRAGON tribute band. He gets chosen to replace the lead singer of the real STEEL DRAGON and changes his name to IZZY (whose voice gets covered by STEELHEART singer, MILJENKO MATIJEVIC)

Izzy's girlfriend Emily Poule (Jennifer Aniston), eventually terminates their relationship due to the ROCK STAR lifestyle. One thing leads to the next until IZZY discovers that his song writing will never be accepted by the band. He was only hired for vocal ability.

A fantastic soundtrack including a song and music score written by our very own home-grown South Africa's TREVER RABIN from RABBITT , giving ROCK STAR a solid 2nd place.

#1 - The Wall - Pink Floyd

The Pièce de résistance of ROCK MOVIES! Without a doubt the masterpiece of RODGER WATERS, we have PINK FLOYD, THE WALL.

With very little script, the music of PINK FLOYD tells the story of Rock artist Pink (BOB GELDOF). We venture into Pink's mind as he unfolds his most painful memories, building the wall one brick at a time, ultimately trapping his mind. He drops further into a drug induced coma and an internal self trial begins, with everyone who was just ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL looming forward to betray him.

PINK FLOYD, THE WALL is a very deep movie and can prove quite disturbing to some. The graphics will blow your mind and the music will blow your speakers. As long as you listen to the lyrics and concentrate on the movie you will be OK... What I do suggest is watching this a few times with your sound system turned to 11.


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