Top 10 Rock and Metal Albums for 2011

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Top Ten Rock and Metal Albums for 2011

Top Ten Rock and Metal Albums for 2011

2011 saw some really Powerful Rock and Metal Album releases from newcomers and old alike.

Not being disappointed by the old school, David Coverdale and Whitesnake sit in the top ranks along with Meatloaf, South Africa's Seether and joined with Red Hot Chilli Peppers who proved their worth once again with some really good riffs.

It was extremely difficult to single out the top contenders but after a lot of listening and deliberation here they are: my Top Ten Rock and Metal Albums from 2011.

This covers all genres in these categories (Melodic, Aor, Modern, Hard Rock and all styles of Metal)


This is their first album since 2006 which makes it the longest haul the Peppers have had between albums. I'M WITH YOU was no disappointment to me being instantly attracted to a lot of the songs, which without a doubt will produce some all time hits, though I don't think any will have the same impact as Dani California.

Alternative Rockers RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS proudly hold a place in my top 10

#9 - SEETHER Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray

The home-grown South African post-grunge/alternative metal band do it again with a fantastic all round album.

HOLDING ONTO STRINGS BETTER LEFT TO FRAY is something quite different to the last. Hard hitting but extremely melodic, SEETHER fit comfortably in my number 9.

#8 - M.ILL.ION Sane & Insanity

Swedish heavy metal outfit M.ILL.ION pulled this out of the bag and turned up the volume a couple of notches compared to any of their earlier work. So don't let the dots in their name fool you and let SANE & INSANITY run through your player more than once because when this album bites you it doesn't let go.

#7 - DEMONS EYE The Stranger Within

This made me feel like I was back in the 70's listening to a new Deep Purple release. The same excitement and contentment I used to experience came flooding back. German, ex Deep Purple cover band , joined with Doogie White (ex Rainbow) DEMONS EYE, THE STRANGER WITHIN is a must for all Richie Blackmore fans.

#6 - BLACK STONE CHERRY Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

The third studio album by American heavy metallers BLACK STONE CHERRY. From the first track till the last BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA is an all round pleasurable listen. We will definitely be hearing a lot more from these guys. Welcome to position number 6.

#5 - MEAT LOAF Hell In A Handbasket

At first I was not sure, It started of very slow and very different, I was wanting a classic Bat Out Of Hell intro but by the time HELL IN A HANDBASKET had completed a second round, I was a fan. MEATLOAF deserves a place in the top 5, he's a living legend and this album proves it.

#4 - WITHIN TEMPTATION The Unforgiving

Dutch symphonic gothic metal band WITHIN TEMPTATION are back with their 5 th studio release, THE UNFORGIVING.I was immediately drawn in by the theatrics on this album.

A definite must for all Metal and Rock fans across the board.

#3 - WHITESNAKE Forevermore

What can I say but David Coverdale. If this was just a list for the top ten rock albums of 2011, FOREVERMORE would without a doubt be my number one. WHITESNAKE just do it again. From the opening track this album does not let you down.

#2 - ASTRAL DOORS Jeruslalem

Another Swedish band on my list, and falling short of the number one, ASTRAL DOORS. A very underrated band that Rock Hard, bring you their 8th studio release JERUSALEM. The power voice from Nils Patrik Johansson, joined with equally wicked riffs makes this a hard contender to beat.

#1 - EDGUY Age Of The Joker

Pure power, molten metal power that is, The best album of the year has the German Power Metal outfit EDGUY gracing the arena with THE AGE OF THE JOKER. The ninth studio album and the best by far. WELL DONE EDGUY, for securing the best album of 2011. THE ROCK & ROLL PSYCHO CIRCUS eagerly await your next release.

Now Didn't That Just Rock Boys And Girls


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